EcoBounce looks to promote sustainable urban mobility with its eco-friendly short distance transportation solutions that seamlessly integrate proven, electric drive technologies and high-end Italian design.


Elegant, eye-catching, comfortable, customizable. Easy to operate bikes available in multiple styles and specifications to meet various needs - cruising around the town doing chores, commuting to work, or taking a trip the beach with your friends. A smart way to move, free from the constraints of gasoline based vehicles.

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Buses, full-size and mini-size, are useful in weaning the local metropolitan public transportation system from gasoline based transportation technology and enhancing the urban mobility in the modern age. ecoBonce delivers cutting edge electric drive systems, industry leading range/fuel economy, and reduced fuel cell cost, adding to efficient fleet managment and minimal carbon footprint.


Municipal motor depots consiting of all-electric small cars, vans, paddy-vagons, police cars, and golf carts, drive multiple performance and maintenance benefits:

 - Reduced dependence on import energy
 - Reduced recharging time proportional to different vehicle usage profile
 - Elimination of costly maintenance costs associated with gasoline engine technology

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