Massimo Vitale

A seasoned executive, Massimo brings considerable management and marketing experience, as well as a track record of success in operation and management of businesses. A 25 year veteran of the IT field, Mr. Vitale has leveraged his extensive industry experience to launch start-ups that integrate art and music with technology, culminating in the award for best incubator project at the 2004 BIC of Science City in Italy. He has founded and operated 3 start-ups that eventually sold at a profit.

Widely travelled, Mr. Vitale has lived and worked in Brazil for 5 years and is multilingual with strong command of English, Portuguese, and Italian languages. Currently, Mr. Vitale owns and operates a London based company focused on technology, tourism, and music events.

Maurizio Papa

Starting out his career as a professional motocross and auto racer in the early 80's, Maurizio formed a passion for the auto industry, and founded his first company, Meridional Center Outroad Cars, a pioneer Japanese mega car importer, in 1983. 

By the nineties, the company expanded into distribution of automobiles of mulitple barnds, such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Daihatsu, opening 5 new stores between Naples and Caserta. At its height, the company reached a staffing level of 50 employees and 12 freelance sales professionals. In 2004, Maruizio and his group notched sales of 3,700 Nissan cars and revenue of 80 million Euro.

In the previous 3 years, acting on this facination for e-bikes, Maurizio founded the Bad-Bike Industry, specializing in high- performance, high-value electric bicycles that seamlessly meld classic, sophisticated Italian design with proven, advanced clean energy technology. The company and its products have received praise from users and press alike. 

ecoBounce is excited to have and will maximize on Maurizio's invaluable perspectives on delivering high quality, value driven light electrical vehicles to the marketplace. 

Paul Lee

Paul’s career spans a wide range of industries and functions, including corporate finance, management consulting, P&L management, sales, channel & partnership development, operational management, business development, and marketing, at global firms such as Accenture and MPEG LA. He previously headed the Seoul, Korea office of an early stage online education company,, and successfully led a turnaround of the same. A serial entrepreneur and management consultant, Paul serves as a consulting CEO of a renewable energy start-up based in the Philippines. He is an alumnus of the Kellogg School of Management and earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Military Academy.

Following his West Point training, Paul honed his organizational leadership skills as an U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officer, an experience through which he has developed a keen appreciation for the value of effective leadership and team work in group settings.

Paul will oversee the day-to-day business operations and a broad array of analytic leadership and support on cross-functional, enterprise-impacting initiatives. Areas of responsibility include long-range financial planning, strategic analysis, strategic planning, marketing, and corporate development.


Ecobounce Ltd
Anglo House, Bell Lane Office Village,
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CEO - Massimo Vitale

CFO - Paul Lee

‚ÄčManaging Director - Maurizio Papa


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